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released April 23, 2016

Graphics and layouts by Aurash.




VVVLV Romania

anarchist DIY sludge collective from Timisoara and Cluj.

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Track Name: Homo Economicus
"truth appears in light,
falsehood rules in power
to see these things to be
is cause of grief each hour"

morals carved in stone
wither under the tide
eating from the inside

in the throes of progress
there is no life
synthetic light
illuminates the blind

old man you are falling behind
old man you are stuck in time
the old gods have abandoned you
the new ones have no use for you

"truth appears in light,
falsehood rules in power
to see these things to be,
is cause of grief each hour
Knowledge, why didst thou come,
to wound and not to cure?"

the owl of athena
spreads it's wings tonight
the burial ground
cries for more time

what a cruel joke
has time played on us
we sacrificed each other
now we watch it rust

what a cruel joke
has ambition played on us
we sacrificed each other
now prometheus laughs
Track Name: Void Forger - Excess Collapse
Spreading death, lacking consideration
For that which has always nurtured you
Inanimate structures have replaced life
Synthetic order - false perfection

You're killing yourself
And everything else
Cancerous being
Assimilating all

A concrete throne
Dwells upon earth
Mighty in gloom
Resembling a tomb

Unforgiving armies marching forward
Uninhabitable trail of death - is this progress?

You're a disease
Always spreading
Out of control
Consuming all

Crushed under your own weight
Your time is near its end
Crumbled throne feeds the worms
Turned into wandering ghosts

Buried in concrete
Struggling to resurface
Amputating the human disease

Is this progress?

Still alive
Never quite tamed
Grinding your bones
Walks on your grave
What you've done
You've done to yourself
You are now dead
Life prevails