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Inertia 08:46
i glare at the monuments of your godliness in these sheets, in this flesh, in this body liberation from the eyes of the master there is something about the unknown that warms the soul in this factory world life is the loss of control unholiness, awake this flesh shade me from the light of man unholiness, true consciousness shield me from the power hungry men acedia. over all oh physician, if you could understand your modern magic can't heal the dammed crippling anxiety, medicated peace are there any options? am i too diseased? disease mongering. medicalized reality drug mediated serenity, lack of compassion, automation separate me from my body you might as well, kill me i am not a flesh machine i have a will and it will set me free i will crack and i will burn but i will die before you break this whole break this whole
Lotus Eater 09:11
when did the world become so small? when did future, past and present come together only to disappear when did my world become just me? you are the darkness growing in my hollowed chest you are the shit, you are the waste that drowned my memories of better days and i am you and you are me one moment, in eternity my conscience a burden, my mind a curse my past unwritten, my history a hoax and i am you a constellation of one, outside of time this moment my anchor, frozen in life forever in the present suspended, outside of time holy dementia take me away this island is too small for a wretch like me one petal at a time this world i inhabit is not my own this body that holds me is not me my world gets smaller, the gulf grows further this island is no kind of shelter one fucking petal the lotus blooms below the barren peak the lotus blows by every winding creek all day the wind breathes low with mellow tone thro’ every hollow cave and alley lone round and round the spicy downs the yellow Lotus-dust is blown. we have had enough of life, we cry in spite we have had enough of toil, as we take another bite one petal at a time
truth appears in light, falsehood rules in power to see these things to be is cause of grief each hour morals carved in stone wither under the tide entropy, eating from the inside in the throes of progress there is no life synthetic light illuminates the blind old man you are falling behind old man you are stuck in time the old gods have abandoned you the new ones have no use for you truth appears in light falsehood rules in power to see these things to be, is cause of grief each hour Knowledge, why didst thou come, to wound and not to heal? the owl of athena spreads it's wings tonight the burial ground cries for more time what a cruel joke has time played on us we build our crimson world now we watch it rust what a cruel joke has ambition played on us we sacrificed each other now prometheus laughs
Les Enragés 08:14
all hail the holy guillotine all hail the walls that keep us free the dichotomy of ignorance and bliss the justice that never ends in peace the putrid smell of aristocracy haunts the corridors of your bureaucracy the myths of competition plague your traditions the masquerade of the republic. the betrayal of the public freedom is nothing but a vain phantom when one class of men can starve another with impunity equality is nothing but a vain phantom when the rich, through monopoly, exercise the right of life or death over their like. Freedom light the way but your time is slowly ticking our bodies may be numb but they awaken the sans-culottes shall rise again our revolution shall come again for the starving, for the meek kill the masters, kill the rich freedom light the way
today there is not an action or thought that is not trapped in the net of received ideas constraints have become less occult more blatant, less powerful, more numerous we build the walls of our isolation out of a flood of minor hypnoses: news, culture, town planning, publicity mechanisms of conditioning and suggestion. in the service of any order, established, or to come why? there wasn't enough freedom to be found among the ruins of unitary power to prevent the ruins to become another prison why? behind the veil of superstition appeared, not naked truth, but the birdlime of ideologies. the prisoners of fragmentary power have no refuge from tyranny but the shadow of freedom. why remain exiled from our own existence? neither gods nor words can manage to cover it up any longer this commonplace creature roams in the railway stations and vacant lots it confronts you at each evasion of yourself. was it ever otherwise? the most chances of liberation are born in what is most familiar art, ethics, philosophy bear witness: under the crust of words and concepts, the living reality of non-adaptation to the world is always crouched, ready to blow, ready to spring. it confronts you at each evasion of yourself, it touches your elbow, catches your eye, and the dialogue begins. you must lose yourself with it or save it with you.


released August 4, 2017

Drums tracked at Consonance Studios in winter 2015.
Guitars, bass, vocals, recorded in various warehouses, rehearsal spaces, industrial landscapes, through 2015.
Mixed by A.
Mastered by Garry Brents at GAB Recordings
Produced by vvvlv.
Artwork by Alec Faakk




VVVLV Romania

DIY sludge collective from Timisoara and Cluj.

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